Power of prayer 05-01-2013 niños rezando A few days ago something terrible happened to a dear friend in our community. My classes have been dedicated to this friend and many of you have contributed generously with your prayers and best intentions. As the title indicates, the post is dedicated to the healing power of prayer. A number of medical studies affirm the evidence of healing prayers. Larry Dossey, a doctor from the US and author of Healing words,¬†has dedicated the last thirty years to do research about this subject. ¬†There are more than ninety American medical schools that support these studies and the data that they are based upon. The scientific community doesn't really know what makes praying work but they do know about a huge number of real cases confirming it. Quantum physics would explain it with the theory of entanglement: two people that are connected energetically can feel similar things at the same time even when they are miles away from each other. When it comes to prayer, you have a compassionate thought towards someone else and that other person experiences some form of positive change in its state of health even if you are very far away. It seems incredible that with your prayer you can influence another human being but it is a reality. It might be part of the mysteries of life! What really makes prayer work is the authenticity and sincerity of the love that you pour into it. It works when we do it from the heart, when we do it to support someone else's path. Prayer needs to be felt deep and, if you do it with awareness, two minutes praying can be more effective than three days. It is about the intensity and the intention more than about the time. Another factor that will make the prayer reach its goal is the total surrender to the situation. We must not try to solve it according to what we would like. It is important that we honor the process and what the person needs to experience in her/his lifetime. The phrase "May it be for the benefit of all" holds true wisdom and fills us with peace. All of this confirms that there is a spiritual dimension, that we all are part of something bigger, the infinite field of Divine Consciousness. Not only we are part of something so beautiful but also we create it moment by moment with each thought and intention. May our prayers be a blessing of Grace to those in need... SVAHA

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