Radiant Living. My proposal 06-03-2015

unnamed (1) D o you imagine living with the feeling of being light, with no worries and always joyful? To me that is the meaning of a radiant health.

Knock on wood, but I can say that this is the way I live (my goodness, how fortunate I am...!). Yes, there are also groggy mornings because I haven't slept well, sometimes my mind spins like a top and I get a cold from time to time. However, all of that are small waves in my personal ocean of bliss.

Since I was quite young I was interested in health related subjects. I used to read and research looking for alternative ways to prevent sickness and to live at my fullest potential. I used to go to workshops, courses and all sorts of therapists until one day I found something that changed me forever: an integrative style that merged Ayurveda and Yoga's Eastern wisdom with the needs of the Western world. This put into place many of the things that I considered essential for wellbeing and it gave me the possibility to teach others a system for living healthy, elegantly and in a truly holistic way (body-mind-soul). Since then, I feel in harmony with nature and with myself. I celebrate each day as I never had before, like an innocent girl splashing around the puddles after the rain or a little bird gliding with the wind... just wonderful!

It is true that life can be fascinating, amazing and radically radiant!

There is a saying in Spain that states the three most important things as "health, money and love". Do you feel healthy? In a scale from 0 to 10, Where would you place your level of vitality? Do you have the feeling that something needs to change in order for you to enjoy a RADIANT LIVING? You are important to me, really, please live a comment below.


(Immense gratitude to Deepak Chopra, David Simon and the Chopra Center because they are the wise grandparents of the work that I do nowadays).

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