Radiant man 24-02-2017 A few months ago one of my dearest students told me that, as a man, he felt a little bit in disadvantage because I have never offered specific workshops for them. Comments like this move me, I appreciate them so much. The awakening of radiant men is key for the creation of a new civilization.  

A radiant man…

Is an awakened man in search of a deeper understanding of his divine masculine self.

Reveres the sacred feminine principle within himself as well as manifested in every woman.

Lives in harmony with woman, holding the deepest respect towards her. Together they share and enjoy being conscious humans.

Protects Mother Nature as well as all animals and plants that live on it and thanks to her.

Cultivates the fullness of a genuine inner path and uses tools for awakening that come from authentic traditions like tantra yoga.

Awakens his awareness of being embodied Light and develops his multifaceted archetypes of king, warrior, magician and lover.

Has a kind, good-natured and compassionate heart.

Feels comfortable being sensitive and vulnerable.

Courageously, he works on understanding his own emotional processes.

At work, he cooperates free from competitiveness. He is humble and stays receptive towards other's contributions, his actions benefit the greater good.

He is responsible of his past and feels infinite gratitude towards life and his own ancestral lineage.

His words, speech and actions are full of integrity and compassion.

Cultivates conscious relationships in which he connects from heart to heart and where intimacy is sacred.

He is also creative, flexible, noble, playful, free.

Tomorrow is Maha Shivaratri, the "Great night of Shiva", an ancient festival in which the devotees meditate and fast during the new moon night in order to overcome darkness and ignorance. Who is honored is Shiva, one of the most beautiful archetypes of the divine masculine principle, he is Lord of all yogins and first teacher in this tradition.

Meditemos juntos por el despertar de una divina masculinidad.


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