Radiant Woman in detail 03-09-2016

Radiant Woman guides every woman towards the awakening of her feminine power

It is structured in five lessons that deepen progressively

Lesson 1

“The divine feminine power”. You will learn the deeper meaning of being a woman and will discover how to awaken and channel the powerful creative energy that flows through you. You will explore diverse feminine archetypes, which brings the understanding of who you are and what is your role in the world.

Lesson 2

“How does a woman practice yoga?”.  The energetic cycles of the moon and the spiritual stages in a woman's life influence the way she practices and lives. You will learn to harmonize your body-mind-soul with those natural cycles and the magic of the feminine will start to flow freely.

Lesson 3

“Tools for transformation”. Women incarnate the codes of the Earth and that makes us the great transformation agents on our planet. In this lesson you will learn how to use the basic tools for change and how to practice the truest meditation that happens moment to moment.

Lesson 4

“Spiritual partnership”. Love is the great human purpose. This lesson is about sensuality, intimacy and sacred sexuality. You will learn how to take the great leap towards spiritual partnership that will fill your life with the deepest love.

Lesson 5

"The role of women in today's world". We will ask ourselves where are we moving towards and we will discover our personal and social roles. You will learn how to take care of yourself and how to take care of each other so we can reestablish in the world a way of living that is based on sensitivity, harmony and respect to Nature.   or write to me: zaira@zairalealyoga.com

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