Requirements for spiritual partnership 17-02-2017

5a826b1765591c4db81b77c4c281e3e8 T he love between God and Goddess is so powerful that makes the galaxies tremble in the cosmos. This is how a very old passage describes the love that Shiva and Shakti have for one another. The truth is that the universe is a love story! There are more and more couples searching for deep meaning in their relationship. The traditional concept of family doesn't satisfy their hearts fully and, on the other hand, the have the intuition that there is more beyond emotional gratification. This is one of the central themes in the Radiant Woman program and in the red-hearts-month I share with you one of its drops of light.

For a very long time, Tantra yoga has been speaking about a different model for sharing, cooperating and enjoying within a couple and it proposes what is called "spiritual partnership". The two members in this relationship unite with the aim of walking their inner path in togetherness. They accompany each other as light siblings and they partake in their individual journey as well as in their joint path. Believe it or not, there are also clear guidelines on how to create this kind of relationship.

Tantra's 5 requisites for spiritual partnership are:

1. Both should be evenly powerful practitioners

Here it doesn't only mean asana practice, but it includes the esoteric aspects of the inner path as well as a strong participation in worldly affairs.

2. Both should be driven towards enlightenment

Their main aspiration is the full awakening of consciousness both at the personal and global level. Everything that they do separately and together is guided towards this goal.

3. They have mastery over meditation

They are capable of holding a state of pure presence during long periods of time and in any situation, especially when they are together.

4. They belong to the same spiritual tribe

They share the same vision of the world and the same values. Use the same language and a similar belief system.

5. They are full of erotic passion

Passion is important because it ignites the motor of intention, without it there is no energy available to be transmuted into divine bliss.

If you are thinking that you and your special loved one don't fulfill all the requirements, don't get discouraged! Start with one or two of those and remember that the deepest spiritual practice is to be together with the aim of sharing, cooperating and delight.


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