Routine, sweet routine 05-09-2013


Back to school, to work, to the alarm clock, to homework, schedules... and so happily!! How is it possible?

A few days ago, when we came back from our Summer trips and we entered our home, my daughter started singing "lalalala, back at home, back at home". Immediately she went downstairs and started walking all around the house recognizing and meeting all the things from her quotidian world.

If you are feeling the post vacation blues, keep reading (and if you don't, read as well, this post might reveal some interesting stuff). Summer holidays are awesome, our energy expands and we do things that normally don't. We change the scene and dynamics and it is great, but there is also a lot of external stimulation that brings our awareness out of ourselves: excursions, beach, people, parties, music and noise, schedule disorders. September brings us back to rhythm. The way that events happen in life are predictable to a certain point and, even when often times it is said that this is bad because it cuts off our wings, it holds a ton of goodness. Routine can be heavy or freeing, depends on how you look at it.

· coming back home, to our habits makes you feel more stable and safe. This calms the nervous system and helps you feel at peace.

· doing things orderly everyday gives you the opportunity to deepen into them: you are fully feeling in the present moment. When you act from this perspective, everyday living becomes meditation.

· organizing your priorities is important. Set the intention this season to respect a space/time for your Self everyday.

If you still have the feeling of wanting to scape routine, there is something not happening in harmony to your soul. It is a signal to start a path of inner discovery, to sign up to yoga or meditation classes and to connect with yourself.

Happy september to all!!

Om Shanti


Conscious breathing. Art and practice of Pranayama for a healthy life

Sat. September 14th

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