Sacred space 06-05-2016 imgres S pace is probably one of the things that we need the most nowadays. Given the current lifestyle, packed with experiences, objects, people and thoughts, we hardly have space to be. This is one of the main reasons why we might feel jammed, compressed or even stifled (in a figurative sense, of course). There is a wonderful goddess in Tantra called Bhuvaneshwari. She helps us to create pure space for beingness. Those of you that attend my classes regularly are contemplating one of her forms without even realizing it because the painting with the colorful geometric image in Zunray's "puja" represents this goddess. It was painted by a yogini friend of mine many years ago and since then it accompanies me creating luminous and multi-colored spaces wherever I go. You will know who Bhuvaneshwari is once you read the Spark Bhuvaneshwari, queen of all worlds. Happy week to all!!

Aim Hrim Srim Klim Bhuvaneshwaryai Namaha

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