Sankalpa, the highest intention 09-01-2015 agua T he first time that I heard this word  I was truly shocked. I could feel it vibrating throughout my entire body and left me sitting on my meditation pillow in a total state of awareness.

When the year starts we are used to create a lot of good resolutions that only a few times come to fruition. I am talking about intentions like loosing the extra pounds, not getting mad at our partner, visiting our parents ones a week, quit smoking, etc. Failure in this area is due to the fact that those intentions are only based on external desires and ego. They don't have a strong inner anchoring. Resolutions are great, but yoga offers you a deeper way of guiding the energetics of your life.

Sankalpa is any commitment that we make in order to support our highest truth and life plan.

In order to activate Sankalpa, the first thing to do is to work with the vibration of the word. Sit in meditation and when you feel that your mind-body has calmed down, start to repeat internally "Sankalpa, sankalpa, sankalpa". Pronounce each word imagining that you are dropping a pebble over the calm ocean of existence, creating expansive waves over the surface. Sankalpa, sankalpa, sankalpa.

You might think "Living according to my life plan? Is she crazy? I don't even have a clue as to why I am here?!" If something similar is crossing your mind right now that is great because it is an indication that you have already thought about this sort of things and that you would like to know more. So we are on the right track!

The basic difference between your Sankalpa and a New Year's resolution lies on the attitude: the first one is charged with the idea of "thy will be done", referring to your Being of Light, your dharma or to your personal idea of God; while the second one is motivated by the desires of your personality or ego. The next Drop of Light will treat this subject ;).

For now..

Sankalpa: My intentions are in harmony with the divine plan created for me in this life time.

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