Shine with your own Light 08-03-2013
The Angel that presided 'oer my birth Said, "Little creature, form'd of Joy and Mirth,
"Go love without the help of any Thing on Earth." William Blake

One of the things that fascinates me about us, Spanish people, is the capacity that we have to find enjoyment and happiness, even in the most challenging circumstances. The readers that are not in Spain, know that times are really hard around here. Despite of all that, we laugh and celebrate every day. Some men in my neighbourhood every so often  sing flamenco tunes in the bar around the corner from our home; people dance and play the drums when they march in endless demonstrations and the newspapers are full of humorous sketches about politics and social issues.

There is a beautiful idea in yoga: the Light of the Self shines within. It does it independently from outer circumstances. Niralambaya is the word that refers to this state of luminous independence. It is easy to be content and happy when things go well, when the Sun is bright in the sky or when we feel loved. However, it is not that easy when we have lost our job or when someone in our family is gravely ill.  As in Blake's quote, niralambaya reminds us of two things: the first is that we are essentially Divine Joy; the second, that it is possible to expand it from the inside out at all times and in all places. What is more interesting is that, if we want to pay any good service to the world, we must remember our joyful nature  especially in unfavourable situations.

The present is the result of our past and the future is created based on this very moment. How we feel here and now will determine what we will experience later on. This doesn't mean that we have to laugh at everything or be blind to what is happening around us. On the contrary! The yogis are incredibly sensitive and compassionate, but they also know that a light attitude towards life creates a more authentic connection with everything and everyone (and a better future).

Niralambaya can be a practice in itself. Throughout the day we can take a pause, breathe and ask the following questions internally:

What is happening here and now?

Am I connected with my center of eternal Happiness?

What is emanating from myself to the world?

Shining with your own Light is one of the most beautiful gifts that anyone can give to the world, to others and to our little big heart.

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