Shiva-Shakti Valentine's 08-02-2013


Well, windows at shops are dressed in red again, chocolate boxes are shaped like hearts and all the newsletters that I receive mention the Spanish word that spells r-o-m-a, when written backwards.

Because I am a romantic yogini I believe that Valentine's Day celebrates a sincere desire for union. Our culture's myths and tradition are full of stories that talk about this longing. Tantra Yoga, as well as all spiritual paths in the world, explains many things with legends of gods and goddesses. They symbolize different aspects of the human psyche and fill our life with mystery. The cosmic union of men and woman is represented by Shiva and Shakti. They look for each other, find each other and they reunite and dance throughout the Universe all the way to eternity. According to the yogis, this happens regardless of us having a partner or not. Within each one of us lies God-Goddess, the golden couple in state of perfect balance and harmony. Shiva represents the masculine principle, he is undifferentiated Consciousness, pure spirit. Shakti symbolizes the feminine principle, she is the dynamic manifestation of Consciousness, she is mother Nature and the world of matter. Together, they are the Totality, the playful beauty of life.

The image used for this post is Anahata, the chakra of the energetic heart. In the middle of the yantra (the sacred geometrical shape, instrument for meditation) you can find two triangles that overlap. The one underneath points upwards, towards the sky. It is Shiva. The one on top points towards the Earth. It is Shakti. Together, they represent the balance of masculine and feminine energies within us. These triangles are surrounded by a circle of twelve petals, creating an open flower that generously offers Anahata's fragrance to the world.

Being in a partnership is not a requisite for embodying this infinite unification, however, it is one of the wonderful experiences we can have as humans. Valentine's is a day for the ones "in love" and for the ones "not in love". We all should meditate in Shiva-Shakti because it is a way to radically open the heart, amplifying our capacity to devote ourselves to others unconditionally. 

Celebrate and share fully like Shakti and Shiva, Radhe and Krishna or Sita and Rama!

(I got to the end of the post without writing the magic word... LOVE! free, generous and unconditional)

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