Solstice-Supermoon Sadhana 21-06-2013


It is Summer solstice today. The Sun is at its highest and we celebrate light, in and out. This year there is a special alignment because it coincides with the Full Moon days. It is not any other Moon, it is a "super moon" because it will come the closest to the Earth in the whole 2013.

Moon and Sun, eternal symbols of the feminine and masculine principles, meet in the sky, both of them in full splendor. A profound unification that enlightens the awakening of the Self. Something magical is happening... The world was created from light, Light is consciousness and illumination. We have the opportunity to be filled with life force during the longest day of the year and to drink the nectar of immortality during the shortest night. Day and night the Light will be present, we can receive it, integrate it in every cell of our bodies and be full of the most vivifying and transformative energies.

The Light of the Summer Sun is like a hymn to life. The Light of the full Moon, the most beautiful chant of eternal Bliss. The past months we have been illuminating darker areas. Emotions, feelings and past memories have been surfacing so we can love ourselves in our totality. Many have been doing an authentic transformative work, reviewing and letting go of old patterns that don't serve us any more in the evolutionary path. Now is the time to do the magical practice of creating the highest vision of ourselves that we could ever imagine.

The sadhana (spiritual practice) that I propose this year is done in two parts:

1. Get comfy, close your eyes and breathe gently. When you feel relaxed, start visualizing yourself in the highest state of Being (full of goodness, grace, love and peace). Observe your physical body, subtlety strong; your mind, abundant in compassionate thoughts; your soul, eternal and luminous. If you are imaginative, you can look for sensations, ways that this Beingness moves, or you might even see the expressions in your face.

2. The second part is about letting the light of the Moon and Sun infuse potency and illumination to your Self's vision. Consciously bathe in the Sun and Moon's lights. Ten to twenty min. periods are enough for your body's cells to soak it and for the magnificence of the Self to reach the highest potential. In this part of the meditation, evoque the state of Being from part 1, feel it in your body and let the Light bathe you. I invite you to also expand this little sadhana by creating the highest vision for the planet and for all the beings that live here. 

Then, be grateful for this gift in your inner path and put it at the service of the entire Universe.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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