Sridaiva, medicinal movement 17-07-2015

IMG_3317 I love to define as "medicinal movement" the part of my job that deals with the physical body. It is a fact that our society is upside down; that we don't know how to live harmoniously with each other nor with Nature; but at the same time that there is plenty of physical, mental and spiritual disease, there is a remedy for it.

During the last two years I have been practicing a form of conscious movement born from modern postural yoga that has opened myself to a new universe of evolution in my own body and Self. It is called Sridaiva, which means "divine destiny" because all human being has the responsibility to fulfill her or his own divine destiny here on Earth and within the circumstances of his/her own life. Sridaiva uses a system of alignment based on the latest physics and biomechanics research and works with a luminous-postural template for all human beings called the "bowspring". It is incredibly powerful.

Desi Springer and John Friend, creators of this system of life, often talk about the bowspring as medicinal movement. I find it pretty accurate because the same way that people take a pill for blood circulation, one can take postural practices that act as a medicine for the body-mind-heart.

At first, medication doesn't taste specially well and has to be measured. A Sridaiva practice flows calmly but challenges you, stirs many things inside, it requires your full and undivided attention and with sensitivity makes you look at your dark areas. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable or disoriented, but those are signs that it is working, health is being restored and Light is illuminating the parts of your body that had been disregarded.

The system is so innovative and amazing that I had to practice continuously for a whole year before sharing its most basic elements in my classes. Today I can announce (happy!) that I teach Sridaiva. The result of this practice is that the quality of my bodily tissues has changed noticeably, my sense of Self is stronger and softer at the same time, I have assumed 100% the responsibility of my own destiny, each day I am more joyful, compassionate and more capable of taking the decisions that will most heighten the whole.

A spoonful of "bowspring" a day is the best remedy for many common issues and it doesn't present contraindications, only healing benefits!

Om Shanti

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