Start being you 26-07-2013


Often times I write from certain place of authority. I study what I am going to tell you, try to look for a theme with a therapeutic relevance, I read and review the content carefully. Not today. Today I have decided to just sit in front of the screen and allow myself to "be" in the words. The reason is something that happened this afternoon. I was sitting in a café in Palma, waiting for my daughter who was going to be a little late. Life offered me one of those delicious and unexpected moments when you can do nothing else but Being. Nothing to do: no work, no talking, no reading, nothing related to yoga (or anything else). Simply, I could only take a pause... and it is then when one really flourishes.

A teacher-friend with whom I studied years ago used to talk about yoga as the mastery of being yourself. I love this way of seeing it because we spend a good portion of our lives trying to improve in doing things foreign to who we are authentically. Just to start: Who is this "yourself"? Most people don't have a clue... And then we even create an inner competition out of our yoga. We want to conquer one pose, work up to meditate for one hour long or make our loved ones come to class. We try to be good, eat what the new trend advises, look for a partner who practices yoga... All of this is great when it comes from the deep desires of your soul, but I suspect that the motivation comes only from the outside in most of the cases.

Yoga is being you, right here, in a state of deep relaxation and unconditional love to all that you already are. You can recognize what you have been collecting from others through the years, let it go and allow the answers to come from yourself. You can fall in love with yourself, not in a narcissistic way but in a true humble manner. Fall in love with your body, for all the beauty that it manifests; with your mind, for its capacity to imagine. You can give yourself permission to feel whatever you are feeling, moment to moment. If happiness, let it be happiness; if sadness, let it be sadness. They are emotions, parts of yourself, not the essence of your Being. You can throw in the towel, let yourself flow and see how things are still all right (you will probably feel better). You can surrender to the now and realize your perfection, your fullness, your unique and wonderful ways of experiencing the world.

The same Grace that creates the reflection of the full Moon over the sea, made you. The Universe had its own very valuable reasons to create you. Breathe, smile and start being! You are such a miracle!! OM SHANTI

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