Stillness 05-12-2014 navidades A s an antidote for the fascinating craziness of the Holidays, throughout the month of December the Drops of Light are dedicated to STILLNESS.

Here they are... the parties, succulent meals, family, presents, carols all around and probably your nerves on the edge as well. This is why it is more important than ever that you keep up with your yoga and respect the time for silence. Read the tips...

1st, put it in your schedule!

Difficult to say no to all the invites, right? I know, but I also know that your wellbeing is the foundation for you to be happy with others. Everyday, reserve some time in your schedule for yourself. This is as important as an appointment with the doctor or a business meeting. It doesn't have to be too long, twenty minutes are enough to reconnect.

2nd, breathe

Anywhere and in the presence of anyone you can pause and take a long, gentle deep breath. You will be present and receptive, being more "you" and capable of responding to life circumstances from your generous heart.

3rd, keep your body active

A daily 30 min-walk in nature will recharge your batteries and will make you feel fresh and joyful (ho ho ho!). The days that you have more time, plan for a full yoga class.

4th, hydrate

Irregular schedules, heavy meals, the extra drinks or the lack of sleep will dry up your body at incredible speed. This is one of the main reasons for stress, so drink more than plenty of water.

5th, silent night

For noisy stretches, create spaces of silence and you will find the needed balance. The quietness of meditation allows you to be and expand. Full of peace, you will enjoy a lot more the spirits of the Holiday season.

Be happy, be LOVE

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