Take your cape out of the closet 22-04-2016 imgres R ecently I read another article suggesting that women should stop trying to be super heroines and start being who we are (I imagine that the postulate is applicable to men as well). I have a very different opinion in regards to this... First, because given the state of the world we need many more super heroes, but with the right understanding of what that means. Besides, what better time to start than today, Earth Day? Second, because the essence of our Self is in itself heroic, brave, has innumerable super powers, it exists in order to fulfill the principles of evolution and, among those, we have the principle of improvement and the desire to contribute for the goodness of all. In the Zunray Spark, Hanuman, the one who flies over all dangers, you will read about one of the most charismatic super heroes of yoga. Time to take your cape out of the closet!

 Om shanti

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