Tender courage 12-04-2013


Have you ever taken a walk in the forest at the beginning of Spring? Yesterday while I was preparing my class I thought about the magestic trees that surrounded my life when I was living in the USA. Everything wakes up in Nature at this time of the year and it is when ferns start to pop up through the surface of the Earth. First, they emerge as a tiny spiral, very tight in itself, a great amount of super concentrated energy. Slowly they uncurl, expanding until the leaves get huge. Many times I am amazed by the courage that a little seed might have in order to germinate, push its tendrils through the dense soil and follow the calling of the Sun until it can become the most beautiful plant.

Life is a little bit like that. Yoga tells us that each soul has its own path and that it holds within it the information about the trajectory of its whole existence. However, most of us are still in the seed stage (even when our physical bodys might be saying the opposite). The Light of Consciousness awakens our desire to evolve, the same way that the Sun encourages the plants to unfold and offer their beauty to all of us. One must be very brave to break the shell that  holds our truest essence, but remember that you evolve big time when the circumstances are challenging. VEERYA is the inner quality of courage.

In the spiritual path there is an inicial stage when you will learn a lot, read, get informed, practice, meditate and will try an infinite number of things that will help you in your evolution. All of that prapares you for what will come next. It generates a deep desire to grow internally. This desire of fully Being gets concentrated in our little-great heart, so much that it pushes though the shell that covers it. Then it expands, developing your full potential in this lifetime and this body. Yoga is one of the most potent tools because it lovingly strengthens, taking you to overcome many limits and old ideas about yourself (who was going to tell that you would be doing a handstand at forty?).

Breakthroughs and growing times are not necessarily easy, but they are beautiful. If you have ever seen a fern growing, is in the first stages when the greens are more luminous, when the small leaves have the most special shine and the surface is velvety like it will never be again. Tenderness, sensibility and inner strength combine within to take you into the limitless expansion of the Self. Keep pushing with all your heart!

Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha

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