The color of cherries 27-05-2016 images T his May week ¬†has the color of cherries, it might be because I am sitting next to a brimming bowl full of them, red, shiny, appetizing crisp flesh. Today I write about growth and evolution, but What does that have to do with cherries? Keep reading... A couple of years ago a dear friend took me to visit some wonderful cherry trees in the mountains near Madrid. One of them caught my attention and not only because it was majestic and huge, with immense branches that protected the vegetable gardens in the property where it was located. Others were smaller and evenly gorgeous, still full of fruit, generously offering their treasure to us. What a feast, and how grateful I feel when I can eat directly from Mother Earth, it is as if she was feeding you the colorful milk from her bosom! The story is that the cherry tree has gone through a long journey to get to what it is. Let's take some steps backwards. If there are cherries in your fridge, get up, go to the kitchen and eat one. Savor it and get to the pit. Bite on it, trying to break it. Ouch! Perhaps not that hard... Now you know how hard is the shell of this little seed. Inside of it, the whole information of what it can become is contained, but in order for this to happen, first it has to fall on the right soil and wait patiently for all its natural evolutionary steps to occur. Growing up is not easy, there are many shells to break, but is is our deepest desire. Sooner or later your cosmic essence will start to stir in the darkness of your own seed, it will push from the inside, it will start to open up small cracks on the hard surface and making the small filaments of your authentic self start to grow roots and then grow up towards the sky. To evolve is inevitable, my twelve year old daughter rebels if I treat her as when she was two (understandable!). It is natural law to not want to go back to a previous evolutionary stage and nevertheless we have been made to believe that when the physical body stops growing, the Self also stops. Many people suffer because they cling to the state they are in and oppose their own growth, sometimes because of fear to the unknown. Pay attention, because as an adult you have the possibility of continuous change. It is one of the reasons why you are here. You will go through many phases that will bring you to the full realization of Beingness. And when you see yourself as the cherry tree, happy, full of fruit, the branches swaying with the wind, I am sure that you will not think Why didn't I stay in the "seed" stage?  

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