The feeling is the prayer 18-12-2015 images T he video that the Drop of Light shares this week is masterful! One of my favorites for years, I listen to it every now and then and each time Gregg Braden amazes me even more because of how clearly he explains fascinating themes like the functioning of the universe, the mystery of miracles or the power of prayer. Gregg Braden is a scientist and author of very interesting books like The Divine Matrix or the bestseller Fractal Time. He has a very present-day and practical style that merges seamlessly his deep interest for ancestral spirituality with modern science. Click here to enjoy the video! It is in English with Spanish subtitles so it is appropriate for all. Worth watching it several times, take notes and read them often so you don't forget.

Much gratitude to Gregg for helping me to transform my life and my world through the idea that "the feeling is the prayer".


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