The feminine divine principle in the form of Louise 30-10-2015

imgres-5 T he Drops of Light end October honoring an incredible teacher that revolutionized the field of self-healing and inner growth: Louise Hay. She turned 89 on the 8th and although she spends a lot of time painting and dancing in her home, she still gives public speeches at different locations in the US.

Louise's childhood was terribly painful, she was abused in all ways possible and had to fight hard. She even healed herself from cancer without following the conventional treatments that the hospital's staff were recommending at the time. Louise has been a clear example of how Light, Wisdom and Love can cure everything.

Her work as author and editor has inspired many people, including myself, throughout the entire planet. Just the book You can heal your life has sold more than 50 million copies in 30 countries... Wow! Imagine 50 million people transforming their mind patters and planting in their inner garden the seeds of love, compassion and total acceptance!

Here is the link to her movie "You can heal your life". It is based on her personal experience and teachings. I hope you enjoy it!

JAI Louise JAI

Thank you, Louise Hay, when I grow old, I hope to be a little bit like you.

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