The law of "Doing and non doing" 01-05-2015

images-3 I f you put in a balance the time that you spend doing stuff and measure it against the time that you spend not doing, which side would be heavier? The answer is easy, right?

 Generalized issues like stress, anxiety, being overweight, lack of happiness and many diseases are directly related with a lack of balance in the law of "doing and non doing". If you want to live happy and develop fully you need to live according to natural law.

We are masters at "doing", spending most of our days from one thing to the next. Even activities that we consider relaxing are more forms of active "doing": watching tv, going for a walk, having coffee with a friend and chatting for hours, reading, listening to music, gardening, smoking, cooking or dreaming...

You will learn how to "not do" with the practice of Conscious Relaxation. It is super healing and restorative, probably one of the keys for the evolution in our planet.

Conscious Relaxation

Go to your sacred space, at home or in nature. Lay out on the floor a thick blanket (it can be your yoga mat, if you prefer). Lay down on it, belly up and cover yourself with another blanket.

Center your awareness in the breath, in the air that comes in and goes out. Allow it to expand softly, without forcing.

You can use an affirmation like the following, although it is always optional. Internally to yourself repeat slowly: I breathe, relax and let go. I am looking for nothing, free from expectations. Simply, I am. 

In yoga we call it "savasana" that means corpse. The body remains very quiet and the mind deeply relaxed.

It should last between 5 and 10 minutes. If you feel more at ease using an alarm, do it, this way you will relax better.

Practice it three times per day. It is a medicine for the soul!

Among its benefits you will find that …

  • Relaxes body, mind & soul, unifying them
  • Calms the nervous system and brings your mind back to its peaceful state
  • Recharges your batteries like nothing else
  • Brings you to a state of beingness
  • Increases your vitality and creativity
  • Takes years off you, bringing freshness and youthfulness (one of the best kept beauty secrets)
  • Frees you from social, cultural and personal ¬†conditioning
  • Increases trust in existence and makes you feel supported and guided

And it fills you up with peace... OM SHANTI

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