The myth of the Sun god 16-12-2016 unknown-1 W hat if what you think as a unique Christian truth is the result of a syncretism of traditions*? Would you like to know what the meaning of Christmas has been  for more than ten thousand years? Human beings live of myths and legends. They are road maps that show us the ways to take, how to do it and what our essence is. The worship of a Sun god created the wonderful mythological current behind the figure of Jesus. There are previous solar deities like Horus in Egypt, Krishna in India, Mithras in Persia or Dionysius in Greece. Although all of them share very important biographical data, next you can read a list of characteristics describing Horus from thousands of years before the Christian era:
  • He was born in a cave, around Winter solstice. His mother was a virgin.
  • A star in the East accompanied his birth.
  • Three wise kings visited the new born and brought him presents.
  • At the age of twelve he entered the temple where he studied and dedicated himself to his spiritual practice.
  • This birth is an astrological phenomenon. Sirius is the East star, followed by the three stars of Orion that align the 25th of december pointing towards the place where the Sun rises in the horizon.
  • He reappeared at the age of thirty and was baptized in the river. Later on, his baptist was decapitated.
  • He had 12 disciples, like the twelve astrological signs.
  • He traveled with his disciples sharing his wisdom and performing miracles.
  • Among those miracles, he brought a man back to life and could also walk over the water.
  • He was called "son of the divine father".
  • He gave a speech in a mountain.
  • He was crucified between two thieves and buried for three days, after that he resurrected.
  The deep message that all these gods have for us is that the pulsation of life happens in eternal cycles of ¬†darkness and rebirth, that we can awaken to human Consciousness while being in a physical body, that all of us are the divine and that divinity is Light, Wisdom and Love.

Happy Winter solstice!! Happy birth of the light in the world!


*Syncretism of traditions: spontaneous process by which different traditions exchange and share their beliefs.

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