The pot of gold 08-01-2016 12391386_585663124920631_5345854420295484745_n W e are in the first days of the new year and I reflect on the raw material that creates my world, on the energetics of the pelvis, on how Sridaiva and the Bowspring system teaches us how to access it and use it for the good of all. This Drop of Light talks about the physical, the subtle and about my personal experience. Gratitude always to Desi and John for all the learning and the photo!  One of the most visible and catchy elements in the practice of Sridaiva are the pronounced curves in the back, but being the most visible they can also be the cause of incorrect or incomplete realization of the Bowspring. Unexperienced students look at the Sridaiva forms from the outside and sometimes say “I got it! The Bowspring is done by bending the back at the level of the waist and sticking the tushy back” but nothing further from the truth!!!


There are three main areas in the human body: the head, the area of the ribs and the pelvis. They are organized along the central channel and have different energetic qualities. Even though the focus of this post is only the pelvis, the three areas should always be looked at in relationship with one another. The curves in the column are always inter-related in the Bowspring. They start in the first vertebrae that holds the craneum and finish at the bottom tip of the tailbone in between the glutes. The thoracic curve expands outwardly like a balloon and is the first we stablish; the lumbar, from the base of the sacrum to the base of the ribs, and the cervical are the secondary curves because they are activated after the thoracic, they go inwardly towards the central channel. In the Bowspring the three main curves of the spine are long, active and dynamic creating a spring effect all throughout. This alignment system activates the body as a whole and creates a feeling of unity and cooperation among all parts. It is done following an specific step by step formula. So the Bowspring is NOT a break in the waist and YES it creates a harmonious wave that exists in relationship with all other parts. The Bowspring formula or algorithm creates first the radiant heart and the work in the shoulders and arms. This conferes an incredible subtle lightness to our bodies. Then we align the lower part that sets our roots: feet, knees, pelvis and low back-belly. The curve that you see in the low back is the result of the activation of all components, not only the back by itself:
  • there is an anterior tilt in the pelvis that is initiated when we activate the myofascial lines starting at the toes.
  • All the posterior body is active and toned, the glutes lift towards the lumbar area and the sacrum. The coccys lifts up.
  • In the front of the body the groins move down and back.
  • This levels and powerfully opens the pelvic floor putting it in a position in which the pubis and the sitting bones are in the same horizontal plane.
  • The belly is long and firm from the pubis to the sternum.
  • The play between the rooting action of the pelvis-legs and the rising action of the radiant heart creates a spacious and free low back.


The pelvis is the area of greater energetic density, the vibration there is slower and heavier because in needs to keep us connected with the Earth and its electro-magnetic field. It has to be that way so we can stay healthy, strong and vital. Energy in the pelvis condensates and provides us with incredible endurance and vitality. From a psychological perspective, when energy is well stablished in the pelvis and legs, two interesting things happen: on one side we feel safe, our basic survival needs covered and we feel capable to face the outer challenges as well as the inner adventures of evolution; the will to develop all aspects of our beingness gets even stronger and more determined; on the other hand, our emotional body heals and clears making our interpersonal relationships rewarding and enriching for all. Energetically the Bowspring alignment of the pelvis is very powerful because:
  • opens the gates to the most incredible energetic storehouse giving us access to the highest creative energy in our body-mind-heart.
  • frees restrictive postural patterns that have been culturally created. Women and men alike have been taught to always keep the legs closed together, to diminish the splendor of the glutes, to hide the genital area and to shorten and tighten the belly. Denying the nature of our bodies has created lots of suffering and emotional blocks that don't have room in the new times that we are moving towards.
  • Generates high levels of vitality, creativity and passion for life.
  • It is the key for truly flexible, strong and ‚Äújuicy‚Äù hips, healthy low backs and a life free from hip replacements.


The way I personally feel it is that the powerful subtlety of the Bowspring makes a golden, soft, sinuous and radiant energy flow throughout my whole body. In the pelvis it is vital force in it purest state, the raw material of the cosmos in its densest state. The pelvis holds it and sustains it like a pot of gold. The heart lifts it up in an ascendant spiraling movement, refines it and expands it in multiple directions. ¬†And last, it manifests in the outer world according to the dictates of the visions and the high inspiration of Consciousness. May be this is why people that practice Sridaiva have a spring when they walk, a lively corporal presence and a positive attitude that smiles towards life‚Ķ We are happy and free. coming soon!! With tons of information about Sridaiva alignment and lifestyle

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