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Too old for yoga? 05-07-2013

The other day, a beautifully mature woman, full of Light, and who was coming to class for the first time asked me the following question "Am I too old for yoga?" This post reviews the issue of getting old and I hope that it makes you grow older being more radiant than ever. 


It was an open level class and there were people with lots of experience practicing next to yogis who had just started. She followed the class always smiling and with a super-positive attitude. But at the end she asked me if I thought she was prepared for something like that. She shared with me that the practice was hard and that she was scared of hurting herself. Also added that she was 55 and that she felt old.

What or Who gets old? I ask... When you think that only 1% of what you are is made of  matter and that the rest is pure energy, you can start shifting your perspective. Energy doesn't get old, is eternal and limitless. You will be interested in knowing that the DNA is every one of your trillions of cells has changed very little since the first man existed on the Earth. The planet has gone through many changes but the little pods of information that explain how you are made have remained the same. Furthermore, it is because of this ageless energy and information that your body organizes itself, regenerates, repairs and is constantly coming back to a state of balance.

So... if the body is sustained by the most intelligent forces, Why do wrinkles appear or the muscles get so rigid? According to Ayurveda and Yoga you get old because nobody has taught you how to cultivate the connection with the field of infinite Consciousness that you are. This is exactly what yoga will do for you! Bones, muscles, internal organs, etc. are a tiny part of your whole self. The rest is pure luminosity, pulsation of life and a wonderful love (that can heal everything). Here lies the true fountain of youth and nectar of eternal life. Science has showed that the molecules that make your physical body are new almost every year. If they loose the memory of their original state it is because of lifestyle and, over all, because of the limiting thoughts that fill our minds.

Ayurveda and Yoga say YES, it is possible to stop and even reverse the process of aging: 

1. Observe what ideas you have in regards to aging. They are only thoughts and you can change them.

2. Do yoga! Yoga classes are for every body. It will be a challenge at the beginning and your muscles might say a thousand things, but give yourself the chance.

3. Meditate. Meditation can reduce your biological age up to ten years! or maybe more...

4. Change your lifestyle. Adapt your cycles to Nature and eat a plant based diet.

5. Surround yourself by positive, joyful and happy people.

Your mind-body system is absolutely perfect and healthy. Love yourself fully and know that yoga is antiaging. Plus, good studios nowadays offer classes for all kinds of people and needs.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


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