Unroll your mat! (in your own home) 17-05-2013


"Mummy, you haven't done your yoga today yet, right?" Asked my daughter one day years ago. For sure that I was doing four or five things at a time in the purest multitasking style: cooking spoon in one hand, cellphone in the other, note pad on the counter and a four year old girl concentrated in her colorful drawings. If your life is kind of hectic or you are curious about trying yoga on your own, I invite you to start a regular home practice that you can alternate with classes at your favorite studio. It's the time to unroll your mat!!

Your personal practice creates the most wonderful sanctuary where you meet yourself and where you can go anytime you wish. You lit a candle, stand on your mat, start breathing and moving, and it seems that the problems were dissolving. You feel great, full of a delicious peace among the thousand things that you do throughout the day.

It seems easy, right? It might has happened to you that after five minutes of being on the mat you felt stuck... So, here you will find some guidelines that will assure the success of your yoga at  home:

1. Create a sacred space. Find an area where you know that you will not be disturbed, a pleasant and clean space. I live in a small apartment and practice everyday by my bed. I have a little temple and keep the props in the closet.  

2. Set a fixed time and your body will guide you into your practice. Let's say that 30 minutes is something you can commit to. Make it a lifestyle priority and do not miss your yoga time. 

3. Use the necessary tools: practice books or attend workshops about this subject. On Saturday May 25th I will be teaching a workshop in Palma about yoga at home. Click here to get more info.

4. Go to public classes as well. It will help you to get out of your own way. You will take more advantage of your home practice if you learn under the guidance of a teacher and the magic of a group practice is one of the most beautiful gifts in life!

Yoga is a practice of connection with the universal within you. At the studio, at home, with people or alone. You might continue doing a lot of things, but you will see how your attitude now is calm and happy at the same time. Let your body dance with the asanas, your heart sing with the breath and your soul rejoice with no limits. 


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