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This post is not trying to teach anything, just invite you to contemplate.

I don't know if you have ever knitted, embroidered or sewn anything. Nowadays, they have almost become old crafts in extinction, but not that long ago it was common to see Spanish women spending the afternoons gathering together to weave the meaning of their existence. I have spent many hours like that, with my grandmother, my mother and older aunts. During those get-togethers our lives were filled with meaning, each piece of conversation linked us to one another, the same way that the woolen thread creates something beautiful with each rhythmic movement of the needles. It was a continuous act of creativity and expansion of our common universe.

Tantra understands the cosmos as a huge web, a kind of fabric that we all create together, moment by moment, with each thought, intention and act. One of the meanings of tantra is "to weave", it is also an "instrument". Each stitch in a tapestry interweaves the colors in the base, then, incredible flowers, unicorns or beautiful young women appear almost like magic.

Now, I am knitting with my daughter. A scarf for her to use with  the school uniform. Love, my best wishes for happiness (and a good amount of maternal protection, of course) are poured into each knitting stitch. It is the perfect example to see how what is formless comes to manifest into the world of matter. The parts of the scarf that are made impatiently or lacking attention are uneven or irregular. On the contrary, those parts in which we have stopped to feel the present moment, to breathe and to do our work from a loving mindset, reflect the most peaceful harmony.

In our everyday lives the fabric of existence also expands, not only in size but also in luminosity and depth of consciousness: when we smile at someone, when we speak kindly and every time that we do something with the intention to connect from the level of the heart.

Keep weaving happiness, compassion and pure joy!!!

om shanti

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