What do my kitchen drawers, a butterfly and a caterpillar have to do with change? 10-07-2015


T hree weeks ago we changed the contents in two of the kitchen drawers. We exchanged pots and frying pans. Easy, right? Well... it has become a whole lesson to see how we act from old habits and how we move through life in auto pilot, indicating how we wrongly oppose evolution. In this Drop of Light you will find the antidote for the resistance to change, my kitchen drawers are teaching it to me right now.

In the beginning, each time I reached to grab a frying pan I opened the drawer were they used to be and found the pots. Even this morning as I was preparing the packed lunch for my daughters Summer school, I was looking for the small pot but the frying pan came out. Oh dear!

Generally, people have a hard time changing and learning new things, but change is only challenging when you are not fully present. To be honest, my pots and pans are happier with the new arrangement because they have more space and they are no longer piled up in a mess. The one that has a hard time adapting is my mind, who is still fixed in the old arrangement.

Ingredients for the resistance to change:

Mindfulness teaches you how to observe yourself, break old movement-thinking-feeling patterns  and to do things consciously. Being aware you can notice what is really happening in your environment, you become more sensitive, receptive and can listen.

A state of presence keeps you here and now, without judging, free from dizzy thoughts repeating incessantly that the old way was better or asking why not keep the things as they were, etc. When you are present, you flow with what is and love it fully, you can relax knowing that life always offers more and better possibilities for growth.

Laugh at yourself and have fun with the process.

It is impossible to resist because if there is something true is that everything is subject to evolutionary change or Would you tell a butterfly to go back to the caterpillar phase?

Shanti OM

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