What is REALLY important? 04-09-2015

images I am sitting in my home's terrace, the gentle morning sun rays touch my skin and trees are radiant under the light. Perfect moments like this make me connect with what is essential. Generally, we loose a lot of time in unsubstantial activities and disregard what really matters. Since I am constantly looking for ways to integrate the wisdom of yoga into the everyday life, today's Drop of Light offers an exercise to organize and clear your life as we face the new season.

September is the time to get organized and make the decisions that will influence the months to come. Native americans named the late Summer's full moon "Harvest moon" because it tells us when to collect the fruits that the Earth gives us after the Spring and Summer, but in all reaping there is a very important part consisting on separating the grain from the shaft and storing each product properly in order to make the most of it. In Sanskrit we have the word "viveka" that refers to the capacity of "discerning" what is real from what is unreal, what is vital from what is not, what nurtures from what strips you off energy.

For this activity you will need:

A big table, clear of stuff

Colorful sticky notes

Color markers

Your diary and calendar books

One hour of uninterrupted, quiet time. Light a candle and create the proper ambiance for your exercise.


on the sticky notes write the activities or tasks that fill up your time, any future events and activities that you want to do this Fall-Winter.

Be honest, everything counts...

As you write those down, stick them on the table. In this step they do now need to be organized yet.


create two basic areas

  • one is the ‚Äúgrain‚Äù: here you will place all activities that are essential for you.¬†As an example, I can't go without spending time in nature, doing yoga, going to the organic market, sleeping properly or dedicating quality time to the people that inspire me and that I love.
  • the other one is the "shaft":¬†here you will place all those things that do not give you much soul nourishment.


organize three new areas on the table, here you will place the sticky notes from the "grain"section

  • day-to-day.¬†For me, it is essential to meditate every morning and do my practice.
  • short term activities (one month).¬†In my case, I have put here things like asking for a Obgyn appointment or write the Drops and Sparks of the month.
  • long term activities (six months).¬†In this section I have placed the preparation of the future course "Radiant Woman", which will happen June 2016, and writing the book that comes along with it.


now organize it in your calendar

I have two essential calendars: the yearly one, that I structure as an academic year from September to July, and the quarterly, where I write down all the things that come up from week to week. I like using colors, drawings and other visual effects that fill with energy everything I do.

Paying attention to details and bringing discernment to the practical things in your life will make you more effective and will teach you how to optimize your time and energy.


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