Whatever Hollywood says? 09-09-2016 Unknown T he other day I was thinking that most movies, tv shows, music and documentaries that we watch come from the californian dream factory. Have you ever stop to think how does that influence the way you look at the world or structure your life? We even practice yoga like the celebrities or adopt the habits that they make trendy. Recently I was asked to include in an article the names of a few famous people that go on their mats. :D Yoga always invites us to look inside beyond what the majority of people do and ask ourselves What are the essential principles that are the foundation for my life? This year's Zunray Sparks have that as their theme. Read more about it Essential Principles for your life You can let go of how you are supposed to live, of what general society says and what others think about you. This is why supporting you in the creation of a radiant living according to your heart is one of my life missions. I would love to know what your values or principles are. Would you share in the comments? A very important one for me is peace...

Om Shanti

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