Where is my love?! 27-02-2015

images T he red hearts month comes to an end and I celebrate it telling you an anecdote that happened to me a few days ago. 

I had just come out of the studio, totally happy go lucky after teaching a yoga session centered in the idea that we are a channel for energy to manifest into the world. I had explained that since the word "energy" can be vague or esoteric, in human terms is what we understand as love, unconditional and universal. I was walking in the street while thinking about the class, absorbed in my own inner world, when a recently arrived immigrant approached me asking for help. It caught me by surprise and I felt disoriented. I told him that I could't, looked down and speeded up away from the situation. A couple of meters down the street I stopped and thought "what the heck have I just done... what a way to react... Where is that love that supposedly comes through me?!" I went home feeling terrible about myself and spent great part of the day contemplating the smallness of my fears.

That same afternoon coming back from doing grocery shopping, do you know who was coming across the street? The same man that in the morning was wondering asking for some money. Innocent me, felt so happy inside and walked faster towards him. Now I did looked at him in the eyes, we chatted and I could give what I didn't just a few hours before.

The path of opening the heart is a work in progress for everyone. Thank goodness that life and karma always find the way to give us that opportunity, even when it seems that the capacity to love has vanished as if by magic.

May love in all it forms generously fill up every moment of your day...

Aham prema

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