Wild sacred women 15-05-2015

tumblr_mfgti508qs1r3cjfzo1_500 E very woman holds inside the code of being sacred and wild, but it is dormant in most cases. It is the aspect of ourselves that follows nothing but the natural laws, that is radically free, rebellious, that lives for the expansion of her own energy and that runs happily in the forest. Being in touch with this side of yourself awakens an immense appetite for living at any age.

Wild sacred women dance naked under the stars, under the rain, by the fire. We can recognize them in feminine archetypes like Diana in Rome, Artemis in Greece or Kali in India.  Their essence connects you with the beginning of the Earth. They form the great galactic uterus that created reality.

Ways of awakening the wild sacred woman inside: 

  • Spend time in nature, by yourself. Lay down on the ground and breath with the Earth. Surrender and let go. Practice conscious relaxation over the skin of the great mother.
  • Meditate in the vermillion space of your womb. Visualize it as a sacred vessel. It is humid and dark as a cave and within it you can see the glow of the pink-golden light.
  • Dance to the music of drums, digging your feet with intention. Now that the weather is summery, go outdoors, by a fire under the moon.
  • If you still menstruate, collect your sacred blood and offer it to the Earth. You can also go to the woods during the days of your cycle, squat and release the blood directly to the ground.
  • Practice the transmutation of sexual energy. Purify and ascend the powerful creative energy that runs through your body allowing it to heal and transform everyone of your being's cells.

The wild sacred woman is aware of her power, fierce protector of life, lives in sisterhood and loyalty, follows her instincts and intuition. Celebrate her fully.

Jai Jai Maa

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