Without pleasure, there is no paradise 03-04-2015

imgres I am reading a very interesting book about women titled Goddesses never age by Christiane Northrup, who is one of my favorite authors. Something that I am loving is that it gives a lot of relevance to PLEASURE. Mmmmm... Enjoyment and delight are part of our human-divine nature so I take advantage of the post to reclaim their value.

A happy life involves sensuality, gratification and beauty in all their aspects.  Yoga and Ayurveda awaken the senses enhancing your capacity to enjoy with your body-mind-spirit. Doing something for the pleasure of it holds a grandiose key: it brings you directly to the meditative state of presence. In yoga you go on the mat without expectations, simply opening to what is. On the other hand, when we initiate the practice thinking about becoming better, stretching the hips or releasing the tensions of the day, we not only limit experience but we also position ourselves in an undefined future time where we can collect (or not) the fruits.

Heaven is earth and being aware of the sources of pleasure that this paradise has to offer is one of the components of a Radiant Living. I have written a list of things that bring me sheer joy:

  • yoga (of course!)
  • being in a rose garden and getting drunk on the scent
  • a beach day
  • enjoying the sunrise in Summer
  • cuddle with my daughter
  • listening to the sounds of Nature
  • making love
  • singing
  • learning new things
  • big fresh fruits and vegetable juices

I could go on and on, but what is more important is that you create your own list. So get a pencil and some paper (or the tablet and your finger) and write down all that delights you. If you feel like it, share some of those in the comments below.

A pleasurable life is part of being sacred. Indulge!

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