Yogi-reflections about romantic love 13-02-2015

3135dreamscity T oday I am a bit anti Valentine's Day because I was just thinking about this holiday and Barbie and Ken came to my mind... Aaggjhh. I am determined to expand the patterns of romantic love with 3 yogi-reflections.

Between you and I, this subject stirs me up inside because it is the area on my life that I am worse at. I continue to believe in experiencing it with the whole beauty and freedom of the Self, total respect and full gratitude. I hope that what I write next will also give wings to your relationships so you and your partner can fly higher.

  • There is more and more talk about spiritual partnership. So thrilling to hear that people are interested in such a thing! It is the deepest relationship that anyone can share with another human being and is based in the fact that we are a unity of body-mind-soul. In a spiritual partnership the accompaniment happens at all levels. Two beings hold hands and support unconditionally the other person's evolutionary path.
  • You are free to experience partnership however you like. Besides the classical "father-mother-happy home-children-pets, etc" there are couples that work and have little to do with a traditional vision of understanding love. Think about families with different roles or couples that live in separate houses. Be bold and unconventional. You can create the relationship of your dreams, based on soulful respect, cooperation and playfulness.
  • There is more than one soulmate. Thinking that only one person in the world can complete you makes me feel claustrophobic. From a yogic perspective all incarnated beings have shared infinite experiences on Earth and we all come from the same germinal cell that created reality. Therefore, we could say that potentially we are all soulmates. Stay open to live a relationship in full depth and you will see how it is possible to bring the love connection to its highest expression.
  This February 14th I open the little cage where love is and I let my heart flutter around joyfully...


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