You are the inspiration! 22-05-2015

images-5 A great friend, also yoga teacher, was telling me the other day that he was leaving to go traveling around the world because he felt in need of inspiration and wanted to practice in far away places. "How lucky!!" I thought. But later, meditating on our conversation I asked myself "what if instead of searching for the muses outside we make of ourselves the source of inspiration?" if not for other people, maybe for our own lives...

The yoga tradition talks a lot about this. I love it when it uses poetic terms to refer to the awakening of the Self as the flowering of the garden of existence. Being May, I couldn't not write a post dedicated to flowers (they have always inspired me to experience life in the highest terms). In today's case, I talk about the inner ones.

Your subtle body is basically made of channels where energy flows, something like a watering system, also by energetic centers that open up as flowers to the caress of the Sun. The yogins called those energy centers "chakras" and each one of those make you develop in different areas of life. The oldest representations of these embodied wheels of Light resemble the shape and texture of flowers. They have a center from which petals unfold, they are colorful and have different vibrational textures. It happens that growing internally is the flowering of the divine. When you practice yoga, you water the energetic garden that you are. All the flowers in your subtle body open up, filling up with consciousness that expands through the world as the most exquisite fragrance.

Every body, absolutely everyone, has that capacity, right and I would even say the obligation of "being the inspiration", of making our lives and the life of others more beautiful and harmonious. So be it!!

"The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen". Rumi

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You write so beautifully Zaira. This is an excellent reminder of how external longings create attachment and can lead to suffering. Another Rumi quote: “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” :)


Thank you, Julie!! I love the quote that you share in the comment! So wonderful to keep the communication going... Namaste

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