Your own life's artist 15-01-2016 imgres T he renovating impulse of the new year awakens in many the desire of doing things in a new way, of initiating new projects and start up fresh. Blank slate. It is great because each day can be a stitch in the tapestry of our lives and this one can become the most amazing and inspiring piece of art. But art needs to be cultivated, meditated, contemplated. In order to create something that is worth it you must be very attentive, refine a lot and polish constantly. Even Nature, which is the most sublime creation, is constantly improving itself. The yoga traditions have a beautiful goddess who represents the current of inspiration flowing from the subtlest universal to the earthly being that each one of us is. She is also in charge of teaching us how to sharpen our skill and do things the best we can. I always keep a small image of her on my desk because she helps me to get tuned when I work. Read more about this goddess in the Zunray Spark Saraswati, the one that flows like the river. 

Shanti Love

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