Sleep happy

All levels - March 19th


Yoga and Ayurveda, the path towards restful sleep. 


In this online course, step by step and following the guidelines in my latest book Quiero dormir, I will guide you to recover your restful sleep, to return to the natural sleep cycles and sleep happy. 

We wish “sweet dreams” to our children or loved ones when going to bed and nonetheless, the number of people for whom the night hours have become a nightmare grows more and more each day. This online course is created for those who have a hard time ant night and who look for a natural and harmless answer to your problem.

It is not necessary to have previous experience in yoga, neither It is to know anything about Ayurveda. The only requirement is that you are eager to sleep like a baby again.


Online course

5 weeks

Saturdays 19 y 26 of March, 2, 9 y 16 of April

10:00 to 11:30

Zoom + recording available for ever.  


My approach is always integrative, finding the foundations in the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda, while at the same time, I collect the latest research about the principles of sleep and the biology of the night.


All the sessions are packed with theoretical contents so you can re-educate yourself about sleep and very practical as well since they incorporate:

  • Physical yoga asana practices
  • Breathing exercises
  • Yoga nidra conscious relaxations
  • Guided meditations
  • Ayurtips, ayurvedic recommendations to improve your life during the day and sleep peacefully at night.



Session 1: The biology of the night

  • Current situation regarding our sleep.
  • Why do we sleep and why can´t we sleep?
  • What does it mean to sleep “well”?
  • What happens during the night.

Session 2: The main cause why we can´t sleep

  • The nervous system and the brain waves.
  • Our lifestyle doesn´t favor resting and repairing.
  • Sleep, stress and relaxation.
  • Regaining mental peace.

Session 3: The lifestyle that helps us to improve our sleep

  • Circadian cycles and the daily routine.
  • General principles in yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Your natural constitution and how it influences the way you sleep.
  • Four key moments of the day.

Session 4: Sleep hygiene

  • Staging for sleep.
  • Nidra Sadhana, the spiritual practice of sleep.
  • Breathing and living in order to sleep well.
  • Meditation, yoga nidra and some more inner practices.

Session 5: Troubleshooting

  • Specific cases and different pathologies related with poor sleep.
  • Dependency of chemical substances to aid sleep.
  • Plant wisdom that supports sleep.
  • How to create your own routines and rituals to sleep happy.


You will also find answers to questions that many of us ask tourselves like what happens if I work a night shift, how many hours do we need to sleep, if siesta is good or not, what diet will help us the most and much more.



  • 5 master classes at zoom, 90 minutes long: during these sessions we go Deep within the contents and I guide yoga practices, breathing exercises and meditation.
  • 4 videos of yoga practice that will enable you to follow the yoga routines presented in the book from your home.
  • 1 spiritual coaching session, 30 minutes time with me that you can schedule whenever you want. 
  • personal mentorship: at all times you and I will be connected through whatsapp and email.
  • whatsapp private group so we can be in touch, share questions and support each other.


After each sesión you will receive a message with the access to the class recording and the yoga practice videos.


Take advantage of this opportunity to sleep again and find the restorative nights that you long for.


May your nights be restful and your days full of joy. 


Sleep happy

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