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It sounds sexy, it might be possible that reading the title has brought to your mind images of two people touching each other, after all, tomorrow is Valentine´s Day♥! It could also be that it recalled the contemplation on how we care for our own skin. In all those possibilities, Ayurveda recommends to pay special attention to our skin care, it teaches us to keep it healthy, clean, sensitive and with all its potential turned on.

The skin is an incredible organ, the biggest of the body and it created the frontier between oneself and the world. It does so much for us that it deserves the proper care each day. 

Caress it lovingly since it is a direct reflexion of the Earth´s surface.

Observe it. It will tell you many things about how you are emotionally and physically. It is a great organ for diagnosis in many holistic healing modalities. 

Respect it. Among other reasons because it is a magnificent antenna for perception. Underneath the outer layer it has nervous endings that allow us to perceive the messages from the environment. It also evaluates our relationship with it and allows us to make decisions on how to act and be.

In case you want to take it a step further, here you have 3 ayurtips for the perfect skin care:  

(All of them are detailed in my book Yoga en la cocina, but if you wish to integrate them right away, click on the links).

The Sun is the source of life on the planet and allowing it to caress our skin is a great source of health not only because of the vit. D, but for emotional and spiritual reasons as well.

It is posible that as you start doing this regularly, you might do without soaps and gels that then to be abrasive. Dry brushing aids the natural process of elimination of dead cells and favors the birth of new ones.

This oil massage is an act of pure love, although, if I tell you the truth, it is also a source of great healing. When you practice it daily, it allows you to transform many behavioural patterns that condition how we relate to ourselves. Judgement, comparison, lack of self-esteem, the feeling of being separated from the world are only some of those, so imagine.

Last, we should remember that we think about the skin as a hermetic protective barrier, when really it is porous: many substances get in and go out of it constantly. The skin “drinks” water every time that we take a shower and absorbs all that we put on it. Therefore, this month is the ideal one to get rid of all harmful products and to replace them with organic, ethical and sustainable choices.


Enjoy caring for your skin, it is sensual and sensitive, the great connector that bonds us with the fabric of the universal matrix. 

aham prema 


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